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    Colab has a new room: the creative space! Now 188m2



    Colab Fribourg is a coworking and event space where entrepreneurs, techies, creators, hackers and consultants can create tomorrow's solutions by collaborating in an interdisciplinary environment.

    Work in our quiet and comfortable workspaces or have coffee and a discussion in the lovely café of the Villars Swiss chocolate factory downstairs.

    You decide day by day.


    Check in with us, and enjoy the first day at Colab for free. Then sign up for another day, week or even longer.


    Colab, more than just a workspace.


    Join one of our next Events in the Colab.



    Philippe Lang, engineer & entrepreneur


    Attik is the company of Philippe Lang, initiator of Colab Fribourg. It reflects his multiple activities in the field of information technology and coworking.



    Freelance system administrator & developer


    Matthieu Maury is a freelance system administrator & developer who loves working with Free & Open Source softwares. He works with GNU/Linux, Ruby, bash, Perl, and more! He is available for all your backends & GNU/Linux administration needs.


    He also has a very active community life, participating or organising events about free software, privacy and development.

    Recto verso

    Typography, Graphic Design & Digital


    recto verso is a company specializing in graphic arts. It's focused around typography, graphic design and digital world since 2000. Its specialty is the layout of complex scientific books.



    Its clients include publishers, and various companies, corporations and associations.


    1to1 smart services & communication


    dashcom is an innovative and lean start-up offering big data driven digital solutions. dashcom provides products to Event, Retail or Office markets letting them and their stakeholders serve consumers personally.



    Development, IT, Consulting




    Amplitude is active since 2008 in IT consulting and services for small and medium enterprises. Its activities are centered around the development of custom applications, the design and maintenance of computer networks and the implementation of websites or web applications.


    X Labs

    Scientific club for children



    Predictive science and technology




    AVIOMEX designs algorithms & solutions based on predictive technologies for insurance companies and financial institutions in Europe. AVIOMEX is expert on machine learning, artificial intelligence and heuristics.



    Take work seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously!


    As an expert in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Systeo is honored to serve the needs of more than 50 partners in Switzerland. Making your daily business easier is our mission!



    More than just work – Convenient & flexible.

    all 5 workdays


    We’re open from Monday to Friday at least from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (might be more, depending on who is in).
    Optional key for 24/7 access.


    Inspiring workplace


    Enjoy a quiet and unique athmosphere in an old chocolate factory, next to university, engineering school, art & design school, and the beautiful & relaxing botanic garden.


    Have a drink and buy some chocolate in the shop of Villars chocolate factory, right under the Colab. The perfect place to welcome your customers, and have interesting discussions (collaborations?) with your coworkers.

    Colab facilities


    Quiet workspace, free drinks and your own postal mailbox. Optional logo on our website, and key for 24/7 access. Optional fixed workplace, with locked cabinet for your important stuff. Kitchen, discussion room, printer, copier, scanner, free access to local newspaper. And a big fridge for fresh drinks! Creative space with vintage furniture for inspiring teamwork.


    Many restaurants, cafeterias & take-aways near the Colab: enjoy your meal before going back to work!

    A big (and cheap!) car park is situated next to the Colab, and train station is not very far: 10 minutes by foot, and even less by bus.

    Meeting rooms


    Two meeting rooms you can book anytime. A small one for up to 4-6 persons (free for Colab members), with a big whiteboard, and a big one, up to 10, fully equipped with tv screen & whiteboard..



    Creative space can also be reserved before 08h00 or after 17h00, and during lunch (12h00 - 13h00).


    Want to check the availability of our small meeting room? Have a look at our reservation calendar.


    Want to check the availability of our big meeting room? Have a look at our reservation calendar.


    Contact us for more infos.

    Internet feed


    Lightspeed (100Mbits/s download, 50Mbits/s upload) professional wifi internet access provided by Senselan in Düdingen.


    Workshops, Meetings & Events


    Bring your own workshop, meeting or event to the Colab, up to 60 persons! Contact us for more information.



    First Day Free

    CHF 0.00 / day


    Don't trust us? Just drop by. Get your desk. Start your engine. Work hard. And get a day pass for tomorrow.


    • Workplace @ Colab
    • Wifi Internet access
    • Free drinks

    Day Pass

    CHF 25.00/day


    Want to grow your business organically? Or just looking for an occasional workplace in the center?


    • Workplace @ Colab
    • Wifi Internet access
    • Free drinks

    Weekly package

    CHF 120.00/month


    Want to spend one day per week with us, or during the week-end? Ok!


    • Workplace @ Colab 1 day a week + week-ends
    • Entrance key
    • Wifi Internet access
    • Free drinks
    • Logo on the Colab website
    • Your own postal mailbox @ Colab

    Urban nomad

    CHF 200.00/month


    Want to work late, or during the week-end? No problem!


    • Workplace @ Colab 2 days a week + week-ends
    • Entrance key
    • Wifi Internet access
    • Free drinks
    • Logo on the Colab website
    • Your own postal mailbox @ Colab

    Need an extra day?

    • 3 days / week for 230.-
    • 4 days / week for 260.-


    CHF 290.00/month


    Have your permanent, flexible working space @ Colab! If you want, have your own fixed seat, come and leave 7 days a week whenever you want.


    • Workplace @ Colab
    • Entrance key & 24/7 access
    • Wifi Internet access
    • Free drinks
    • Logo on the Colab website
    • Your own postal mailbox @ Colab

    Locked cabinet for an extra 10.- per month.

    Small Meeting Room

    Free for Colab members


    Our small meeting room is free to use for Colab members, for meetings, discussions, phonecalls... Availability is between 2 and 6 hours per week, depending on package.


    Big Meeting Room

    CHF 20.00/hour


    Our big meeting room (up to 10 people), fully equipped with TV / whiteboard, is available to anyone. Check availability here.


    Creative space

    The creative space can be used for small conferences and private meetings: before 08h00, between 12h00 and 13h00, after 17h00.


    Workshops, Events...

    Contact us for princing infos


    Bring your own workshop, meeting or event to the Colab, up to 60 persons! Contact us for more information. Only available in the evening and during the week-end.



    Your accounting for 100.- per month


    Colab Fribourg is very happy to propose an accounting service for 100.- per month / collaborator. This service is not limited to coworkers: it is opened to anyone, freelancee, entrepreneur, startup or small company. Concentrate on jour job, and entrust your accounting to professionals, for a very reasonable price.



    An offer made possible thanks to a collaboration with BlueLab and Synergie Fiduciaire (member of Chambre Suisse Fiduciaire) in Yverdon. More on team members soon. (Alexandre Hernan, Laetitia Albinati).


    Interested? Contact us!

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    "Companies that depend on innovation are redesigning work spaces to encourage a certain kind of accident: the human collision."


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